Study Fashion Design 

Study Fashion Design abroad

Fashion Design is an important field today because the fashion industry is rapidly growing and has significant economic value. This industry is constantly evolving because people desire new clothing, which presents opportunities for designers to create jobs and establish a stable income. 

What will you study in Fashion Design? 

Taking a fashion design course means learning about the process of designing and producing clothes. Students will gain knowledge about fashion history and current fashion trends, as well as learn about clothing, art, design, and production processes, including fabric and material selection, pattern laying, sewing, and modeling. In addition, students will learn to use different tools and design techniques. 

What skills will you acquire from studying Fashion Design? 

Drawing and Design: Drawing and design skills are essential for fashion design. They allow designers to express their ideas clearly and communicate them effectively. 

Design Programming: There are many programmes used in fashion design such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, and 3D Max to help designers create models quickly and easily. 

Material Selection: Another crucial aspect of fashion design is material selection, which requires knowledge and skills to choose the right materials for production and use. 

Cutting and Sewing: Cutting and sewing are also important as they are necessary for fashion production and creation. Expertise in cutting and sewing clothes is required to produce high-quality garments. 

Planning and Time Management: Planning and managing time skills are essential to producing an effective fashion. Proper planning and time management skills are necessary to complete projects on time and to a high standard. 

Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing 

  • Fashion Designer 
  • Textile Designer 
  • Jewellery Designer 
  • Retail Buyer 
  • Retail Manager 
  • Fashion Stylist 
  • Makeup Artist 

UK University list for Fashion Design Programmes

  • Birmingham City University  
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Branding & Communication 
    • BA (Hons) Textile Design 
    • MA Fashion Design 
    • MA Fashion Styling 
    • MA Fashion Promotion 
    • MA Fashion Management 
    • MA Textile and Surface Design  
    • MA Luxury Brand Management 
  • Coventry University 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion 
    • BA (Hons) International Fashion Business 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion, Brand and Communication 
    • BA (Hons) International Fashion Management and Marketing (London Campus) 
    • MSc International Fashion Marketing (London Campus)  
  • Kingston University 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Communications 
    • MA Fashion 
  • Manchester Metropolitan University 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Art Director 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Management 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Buying & Merchandising 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Communication 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing 
    • BA (Hons) International Fashion Business (Top-up) 
    • MSc Fashion Marketing 
    • MA Fashion Design Technology 
    • MA Luxury Fashion Management 
    • MA International Fashion Management 
    • MSc Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management 
  • Northumbria University 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion  
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Communication 
    • MA Fashion Design 
    • MA Fashion Design (Menswear) 
    • MA Fashion Design (Womenswear) 
    • MA Fashion Design (Performance wear) 
    • MA Fashion Design (Sustainable and Ethical) 
    • MA Luxury Brand Management (London Campus) 
  • Nottingham Trent University 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Management 
    • BSc (Hons) Fashion Business Analytics 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Photography 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion and Material Technology 
    • BA (Hons) Creative Director and Curation for Fashion 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion 
    • MA Fashion Design 
    • MA Fashion Marketing 
    • MA Fashion Communications 
    • MA International Fashion Management 
    • MA Fashion Knitwear 
    • MA Luxury Fashion Brand Management 
  • University for the Creative Arts (UCA)  
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Image & Styling  
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier & Tailoring  
    • BA (Hons) Printed Fashion Textiles 
    • BA (Hons) Studio Practice (Fashion Image & Styling) (Top-up) 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Photography 
    • BA (Hons) Make-up and hair Design (Top-up) 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Branding & Communication 
    • BA (Hons) Creative Industries Management Fashion (Top-up) 
    • BA/BSc (Hons) Fashion Business & Management 
    • BA (Hons) Textiles 
    • MA Fashion Design 
    • MA/MSc Fashion Business & Management 
    • MA Digital Fashion 
    • MA Creative Direction for Fashion 
    • MA Fashion Photography 
    • MA Textile 
    • MSc Fashion Forecasting & Data Analysis 
    • MA Global Fashion Culture 
  • University of Westminster 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Management with Professional Experience 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design 
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion 
    • MA Fashion Business Management 
    • MA Menswear 
    • MA Menswear with Professional Experience 

Australian university list for Fashion Design Programmes 

  • RMIT University 
    • Bachelor of Fashion (Design) 
    • Master of Fashion (Design) 
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)  
    • Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles 
    • Diploma in Fashion and Sustainability 
    • Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles / Bachelor of International Studies 
    • Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles / Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation 

* The list of courses can be changed. For further information on Fashion Design, please contact One Education’s counsellors. 

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