Graduating with a bachelor’s degree used to be the highest level of education that was generally accepted in the past. However, with the changing times, it is now the new norm to study for a Master’s degree where it can earn the holder a good job with an attractive salary. So what are you waiting for? Everywhere you turn, you will find that the most hot destination to study which always feature among the top choices for Thais, is the United Kingdom (UK).

Of course, One Education is most eager to share why it is recommended to study for a Master’s degree in the England, based on the usual 9 items as follows;

1. Studying for a Master’s in the UK only takes one year to complete for most of the courses across the country. This is due to the fact that the curriculum has been precisely planned as to what subjects are to be taught in each semester and that there are no unrelated elective courses to distract the students.

2. Master’s in the UK also offer taught and research program options, where students can choose between studying a typical classroom setting, or conduct research when students have further goals in pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree thereafter. This gives the learners the necessary skills to think, analyze, distinguish, and the opportunity to express their opinions in a systematic and constructive way.

3. The Master’s degree program will open to accept students in September, which is the main academic semester of the country. There are also programs that open for applications in January in some universities. Enrolment require IELTS scores of between 6.0 -7.0, depending on the ranking of the university. If the applicant does not meet the IELTS score requirement, they are then required to take English language courses before the start of the semester.

4. A wide variety of Master’s degree are available, such as MA – Master of Arts, which focuses on arts or humanities, MSc – Master of Science, MBA – Master of Business Administration, as well as subject-specific courses, such as LLM – Master of Law, MEng – Master of Engineering, MArch – Master of Architecture, MFA – Master of Fine Arts. etc.

5. For students who have no previous work experience or have never graduated in business administration, they can take courses in business administration right which only takes 1 year to complete. This makes it possible to complete a Master’s degree faster than other countries and enables the student to start looking for work quickly.

6. Most MBA programs do not require GMAT scores for admissions assessment. However, applicants must show a minimum of 3 years of work history when applying. Students with insufficient work history, but want to study business administration, might want to consider studying Master of Management or Master of International Management as a more suitable choice.

7. Most universities do not charge an application fee for applying to a master’s degree program. However, some well-known universities might charge for their application forms as an initial screening of the applicants, which usually starts from £30 – £100 (depending on the course).

8. Most universities are willing to provide scholarships to foreign students, in the form of discounts on tuition fees, or scholarships for the university’s own dormitory charges, or even full scholarships to for the full duration of the course. This will depend on the student’s academic performance and interest, as well as, the content of the essay that the student submitted for the scholarship application.

9. The British government also offers foreign students the opportunity to find work in the UK after completing their Master’s degree. This allows fresh graduates to change their student visa to the new graduate visa which can be used to apply for a job or opportunities to find a job after graduating for another 2 years. This is a very attractive opportunity that should not be overlooked.

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