Exploring Diverse Creative Courses at the University for the Creative Arts

At the University for the Creative Arts or UCA, the blend of traditional and modern artistic expressions is at the heart of its diverse course offerings. Whether your passion lies in fine arts, photography, graphic design, illustration, animation, games design, or virtual reality, the university provides an inspiring setting where classical principles mix with digital techniques. 

Stepping on campus I recognised immediately: UCA’s environment is more than a traditional educational setting, it is a hub of creativity where students explore the boundaries of conventional design thinking. From traditional design principles to the latest in digital art and game illustration, UCA provides the tools and environment for students to bring their imaginative ideas to life.  

Each campus has its own distinct identity. Farnham is the main campus sitting within a quaint English town which the university really brings to life. Canterbury is their home for Architecture and Design, such a beautiful part of the country surrounded by inspiring historic buildings. And Epsom is the Fashion and Business centre just on the outskirts of London.  

One thing which really jumped out at me was the level of collaboration enjoyed by students on campus, and not just between peers on your course. For example, if you are studying BA Film Production, your projects often require music and perhaps some animation, its commonplace to network with students on other courses such as BA Music & Sound Production and BA Digital Art, inviting them to share expertise to help complete your project. These opportunities for gaining real experience and project collaboration are really what distinguishes a creative arts university from other more traditional universities that offer creative courses.     

UCA’s commitment to tradition is evident in courses focused on traditional arts, crafts, ceramics, and textiles. Here, students delve into the tactile world of traditional crafts while also exploring the digital realm. UCA’s commitment to innovation is showcased in courses covering contemporary crafts, photography, and film production. This is where traditional craftsmanship meets the demands of the digital age. Students engage in an environment that respects the historical significance of artistic expression while embracing modern technologies.  

With courses tailored to a wide range of artistic sensibilities, UCA ensures that every aspiring creative mind finds a niche that resonates with their passion. More recently the university has started to incorporate business studies within some courses, providing a knowledge base on which to take their artistic expression to market. Beyond the curriculum, UCA provides students with opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals and participate in exhibitions. This is really evident at the Canterbury campus where I frequently saw students displaying their work across the town and in public exhibitions.  

All in all, the key stand-out factor of this university was the warm feeling I had on campus (despite the cold weather!), a feeling of inclusiveness and welcoming, a feeling of curiosity, and of course… a feeling of creativity.  

đź“ť Written by Ben – Head of Operations of One Education

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