Many of you will have difficulty preparing to study in the UK. Where do you begin?! Some are recent graduates and others busy with work, meaning the time needed to research and understand information from various sources can prove challenging. One Education team to help you out with some super useful information to get started.

First of all, it’s important to reflect on your own preferences. Consider your subject area and the motivating reasons to choose a specialism. Consider your location preference (if you’ve not visited the UK previously then think about what kind of environment and experience you’re seeking). Consider the curriculum variation in your subject area, get a sense of the different modules and styles of delivery. Don’t worry, this is a process and won’t happen overnight, take your time and seek advice from our education advisors to guide you.

Secondly, we need to know exactly when you intend to enroll to assess the timeline, which means preparing all the application documents and being aware of any specific university deadlines. Many universities will have different policies with assessing applications so it’s important to consider this and ensure you meet their deadlines. During this time, it’s usually required to test your English level and determine whether you can enroll on the course directly or require some English language preparation beforehand.

Finally, financial planning to ensure you’re ready to start your journey. Consider and compare the daily living expenses, accommodation costs, tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, and part-time options while studying. This will assist your final calculations and confirm the preferred University and city choice is the right one for you.  

What documents need preparing to start the application process?

1. Final official transcript or recent transcript (if official transcript is still pending)

2. Degree Certificate if applicable

3. Two reference letters from a teacher or work colleague (at least one copy from a teacher)

4. Statement of Purpose (SOP) detailing your interests and motivations, approximately 500 words.

5. Passport copy valid until course start date

6. IELTS score if available (alternatively this is usually fine to submit later)

7. CV / Resume

8. Portfolio: display your work together with descriptions. * In case studying Arts / Design

This information is really the basics to help set you on the right path, for any student seeking support and guidance with this process, One Education is here to help plan your further studies and lay out the timeline. For more information regarding our services please click here

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