On campus or off campus?

Many students will ponder this question and its worthwhile considering the implications and advantages/disadvantages of each housing option. On campus bring the convenience and student community, but perhaps it’s not the right lifestyle for you, off campus might provide better access to the city centre or other places of interest.

If you are going with the off-campus options consider the practicality. How far is it from the University and city center? Is public transport accessible? How will I travel to the University? Is the area considered safe?

One Education experts have experience supporting students with their accommodation options across the UK, talk to our team to learn more about the best option in your chosen University/city.

Room options and prices

Generally speaking, this can be divided into 4 main categories:

1. Shared Dormitory. This is usually the most cost-effective option, the average price is £125-£150 per week. You’ll most likely share the bathroom and kitchen facilities with friends on the floor, typically around 5-7 people. Inside the bedroom you’ll have a single bed, a desk and storage space, usually a sink and mirror as well.

2. En-suite Dormitory. Most students will choose to stay in this type of dormitory. Prices range from £150-£190 per week. This room type shares a kitchen with about 5-7 friends, your bedroom will have a private bathroom and shower.

3. Studio Dormitory. The average price is £185-£250 per week as you’ll have your own bedroom, bathroom and a small private kitchen. No shared facilities.

4. Private Accommodation. For shared flats or shared houses, the average price is £700-£1000 per month, per person, although this will vary a lot depending on your location. Usually, you’ll need an agent to help manage your search rather than deal with the landlord directly, this comes at an extra cost but it’s recommended to use a reliable estate agent.

Financial considerations

Before booking your room, whether a university dorm or private halls, weigh up the financial options: Is the rent payment monthly or weekly? Does it cover expenses such as water, electricity, internet, gas? Are there any other additional costs? What is the rental period and length of tenancy agreement? When are the payment dates? What are the payment methods?

How to book your accommodation

1. University dormitories

Halls directly supervised by the university are located on campus and must be reserved through the university system. Occasionally you’ll need to rank the rooms options based on your preference, ordering 1 2 3 4 according to your first to last choice. Once the allocation period commences the University will inform you of the outcome and advise on the payment options. If you book according to the procedure and during the time period specified, your accommodation is guaranteed.

2. Privately managed student dormitories  

Private student dormitories will handle reservations in quite a different way. It’s possible to book through a variety of channels, although for the hassle-free and safe approach, consult with One Education to make the relevant enquiries on your behalf.

3. Private accommodation

Most of these bookings are made through rental agents, you can start your search online but usually reservations are best made after you’ve landed in the UK and visited the properties of interest.

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