The highest level of university education is PhD – Doctor of Philosophy, and of course, nothing is easy when it comes to PhD. What I can say from the bottom of my heart is that everything is difficult, very difficult, and is the most difficult. The reason is that one cannot just focus on studying alone, it requires a great effort and extreme patience as well. Accordingly, today, we, Insight Education, will tell you more about PhD.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy derives from a Latin word Philosophiae Doctor. It requires around three years of studying for a standard curriculum in England, encouraging students to do the researches, study, search carefully and clearly for the information related to subject matters and topics that are assigned, as well as actually do the researches and process before publishing quality academic works.

  2. To apply for a PhD, applicants must have at least a master’s degree and must write a 1,000 – 3,000 – word research proposal to propose to the supervisors in universities that they are interested in. However, in case the applicants’ research proposals are not good enough, the universities might recommend them to apply for the Master of Research or Master of Philosophy first, which will take around 1 – 2 years to improve the students’ potential. Once the students become more ready, they will later be able to step up to the PhD level.

  3. At present, some universities have changed their PhD curriculum, calling them New Route PhD which takes 4 years of studying. It is a combination of Master of Research and PhD, allowing students to study and improve their skills related researching before actually doing the research in the following year.

  4. Most universities receive applications for new students in PhD level in September and January. However, some universities also allow students to be submitted their applications in April or June. This depends on the agreement between the supervisors and the students.

  5. The main focus of the PhD’s first year is that students must get advice regarding the directions as well as the planning of the research from their supervisors and start writing their literature review. In the second year, students must improve the research, process the research results in order to continue writing the next chapters of the thesis, and submit their works to be published in academic journals or books. Once they are in the third year, it will be the final stretch of the curriculum when the students must be able to submit a complete thesis (approximately 70,000 – 100,000 words) to their supervisors to be evaluated. The course management committee will test (Viva Voce) the students for the last time, spending 1-3 hours asking them questions.

  6. PhD graduates can request for a GRV – Graduate Route Visa which is a visa for new graduates to use it in job search in England. It is valid for three years after graduation.

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