Course: MSc Management

Institution: University of Leeds

Please tell us about yourself – what course and institute did you study before going to the UK? 

I graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration at Thammasat University with Marketing major.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I am a person who have been wanted to study Master’s degree at United Kingdom as my brother and cousin are there. So, after I have been working for about a year, I realized if I am continue working, I would loose all my passion that I have to pursue my Master’s degree. To add on, I think studying Master’s degree is a good opportunity to get connection not only from Thai people but friends from around the world and you can improve your skills in variety way, for example, leadership skills, management skills.

Why did you choose this institute and what is your memorable experience at the institute?

I considered world ranking of University of Leeds as well as the offered module that they provide. Also, some of my colleagues have studied Master’s degree at Leeds, which it helps me to easier decide on choice of university. I consider about 3 cities to go; Nottingham, Bath, and Leeds. London is not my choice as I have been there and it is a bit too busy for me to live.

Why did you chose this course?

MSc Management offers a subject that would benefit me in both of choices of my life as I cannot decide yet whether I want to continue working as office worker or I want to create my own business. Module at this course provides both Management skills that will be useful while working at company, and Entrepreneur skills that benefits when I want to create my business.

How will your degree help your future career after graduation?

It will give opportunity for me to have management skills to organize my work and teamwork. After I graduated, I believe I would be able to understand more about all leadership skill that is needed when being the manager for a team in company, so this course is definitely going to help me improve on that.

What did you like the most about our service and your counsellor?

P’Pui at One Education helped me from the very beginning to the end of the process. At first, P’Pui quickly responds to me when I was asking that I interested in Master degree in UK. After that, she also helped to register all the universities I have sent to her that I want to get in. Besides registering for the course, she also gave contact of a person who can help to find accommodation as well, which is very useful cause I would not have a very very nice place like this to stay without her suggestion.

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