Course: Master of Information Systems

Institution: University of Melbourne

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?

Studying in Australia is my primary choice due to its reputation for academic excellence, numerous beautiful sightseeing locations, and multicultural society. This country is well-known for its rich culture and reliance on a diverse population, which in turn enables me to interact effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, I expect to gain valuable experiences through exploring the country’s sights during academic breaks. Therefore, I personally believe that studying in Australia could provide many beneficial opportunities for international students.

Why did you chose this course?

I pursued a Master of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne because of its excellent reputation in the Engineering and IT faculty and its comprehensive curriculum. I believe that this program will equip me with advanced technical skills and strategic thinking to achieve my career goal. Also, the program offers a variety of elective streams, allowing me to deepen my understanding of current business trends and broaden my skill set thoroughly.

And completing the Master of Information Systems program will enhance my career prospects. Not only the in-class activities, but also its industry-aligned curriculum, will allow me to access internships and increase my chances of learning from successful organizations. Upon completion of my studies, I plan to apply for a project management or consultant position in an international company or any related field. I personally believe that global markets will be highly dependent on technological advancements, which will drive growth in the field of information systems.

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?

I chose the University of Melbourne because it is one of the best institutions in Australia, with renowned for its great reputation and comprehensive curriculum. The campus is beautiful, adorned with historical buildings, libraries, and parks where everyone can chill out and relax.

I love the University that there are many clubs and events that make my time here enjoyable, and the university also organizes career fairs to help me find the best career opportunities. One thing that stands out to me is the friendly atmosphere among students from diverse backgrounds. Everyone is welcoming and always ready to help each other out. It has been a memorable experience, and I am excited to continue my education here.

How do you know about us? And how our team help you to study in Australia?

I really appreciate the services provided by P’Gig One Education, especially the frequency of helpful events for students seeking further study information. My counsellor has been a warm support from the moment I started my application process until my arrival in Australia. She assisted me with document preparation, promptly addressed any inquiries I had, and kept me informed about upcoming study-related events. I am impressed by her quick response, attentiveness, and dedication to following up on the progress.

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