Course: MEng in Civil Engineering

Institution: University of Sydney

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?

Course contents, course duration, university ranking and reputation and Location of the university (lifestyle).

Why did you chose this course?

I chose MEng in Civil Engineering because of the course contents. The courses from universities may look similar, but there are slight differences which make it significant for selecting the right one, as well as duration. This course will help me with knowledge-based skills, including structural design, project management, safety and risk management.

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?

I chose University of Sydney because of lifestyles, public transportations, no discrimination (at least, I have not experienced it), food (good alternative for people who like Western food), weather and nice society. International student support such as Learning Hub with free courses for improving academic and English skills, Clubs and societies with free sport classes, free dinners, and gathering events. Education system and quality (coursework): 1 subjects = lecture + tutorial. The university also provides an online learning platform for students to access course materials, including free academic-skills courses if students want to learn, as well as professional and supportive staffs with free counselors for financial, legal and mental advice (apart from academic ones).

How do you know about us? And how our team help you to study in Australia?

P’Kob at One Education encouraged me to stay alert and active in studying abroad, provided advice for choosing universities and courses, provide essential advice and information for enrollment, VISA application, and traveling and living, provide advice when I was facing difficulties, track the progress of documents and applications. I appreciate for professional advice and support. P’Kob had taken a lot of time to assist me with the enrollment and application process. Her actions reflected her willingness and diligence. She was ready to talk and respond without exception. She did not just provide academic advice but also encouraged and kept me on track while I was listless. The necessary information was always advised in advance leading to more time for preparation. I encountered various of difficulties, but she was there to help me approach them. Thanks to these supports, I was able to get the offer and pursue my degree.

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