Course: Intensive Course

Institution: Kaplan International Languages

Please tell us about yourself – what course and institute did you study before going to the UK? 

Hi! I’m Boss and I go to an international school in Saraburi called Adventist International Mission School or AIMS. Right before going to UK for summer, I just finished grade 10. Even though I have never taken any courses internationally prior to this program, I am not new to speaking English because I have been attending international ever since kindergarten.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

However, I chose to study in the UK because I have always wanted experience living and studying on my own. I want to ditch the comfort I have in Thailand and travel alone while studying in a foreign country. UK was the perfect choice because I could feel safe while traveling alone and using English with native speakers.

Why did you choose this institute and what is your memorable experience at the institute?

I chose Kaplan International Languages because it is a worldwide institution that is accepted globally and well known to all. There is no one memory that I could recall but the overall experience and the community that I have spent time with for a month. The people that I surrounded myself were so friendly and amazing.

Why did you chose this course?

The timing of this Intensive Course course was perfect for my conditions. I was not so picky about what I learn in class but it was more about the experience I gain during the whole month of the course.

How will your degree help your future career after graduation?

The course have given me the confidence to use English and not be fearful of whether it is right or wrong. This way, I am more fluent with speech and not have to worry as much about it. During this degree, I widen my vocabulary list and was introduced to tip and tricks that I could help with IELTS.

What did you like the most about our service and your counsellor?

P’Otto at One Education was the best counselor I have ever had. He made the preparation for the program stressless. He was so welcome with all the questions I had and was always ready to help with any inquiries I had. He was had the right answers to the questions I had and he was very experienced. Even before picking Kaplan as the institute of choice, he came up with appropriate options of schools for me to choose from. He assisted me with why use choose which one to match with my preferences. He was always ready to communicate via phone call to explain about everything, which was my favorite part because sometimes communication through text via Line does not always convey the right message. After picking the institution and course I would like to attending, he gave me a full explanation of what I had to expect when I get to UK, so I would not be surprised with anything. P’Otto also helped communicate my needs with Kaplan and everything came out the way I would have wanted. One problem came up because there was a misunderstanding with the transportation but once again, P’Otto solved the issue with Kaplan and was able to get the refund back to me without any hustle. I really love the services from P’Otto and I don’t think there is any improvement needed for him.

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