Course: Master of Counselling

Institution: Monash University

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?

Australia is well-known country for its excellent educational system. Being a multicultural country, it allows the students to meet and learn from people of different backgrounds. Each city is also safe for students to live alone and holds the environment that fosters learning and personal growth.

Why did you chose this course?

I chose this course because my personal interest in Psychology and Mental health has drawn me to this course. Master of Counselling focuses on developing a skill that assists people who have mental health problems or any people who seek help from a health professional. The course focuses on various aspects of counselling: individual, couple, family, and ethical frameworks in working for this field. The last semester concludes with 200 hours placement that all students must complete in order to graduate.  

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?

Monash University is one of the top universities in Melbourne. The location is not too far from the city, the campus looks brand new, and with a lot of greenery.

How do you know about us? And how our team help you to study in Australia?

I knew One Education from an education event. Then One Education team always provide me information and counselling. P’Sa at One Education helped me a lot, also encourage me to take IELTS exams until I passed and rec got the score I satisfied. Then, P’Sa helped to prepare and manage every steps in applying applications. She answered my questions very fast even in holiday. I really appreciated her. She always care for me and supported me until I got a right course in a right university.

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