Study Dermatology 

The skin is considered a vital component of the human body, serving as an indicator of overall health from within to outward beauty. Dermatology is directly associated with the study of medical science related to the skin, encompassing the examination of tissues, hair, nails, skin diseases, and allergies. Additionally, it includes the care of the skin and extends to cosmetic surgery, which is increasingly popular nowadays. 

What will you study in Dermatology? 

Dermatology is not only the study for treating skin diseases, but it also delves into cells, tissues, layers of the skin and various glands beneath the skin. This comprehensive field includes skin care, such as slowing down skin aging, diagnosing and treating allergies, managing skin infections, hair and nail care, cosmetic surgery and preventive care for skin cancer. To pursue a career in dermatology, one must first complete a medical degree and obtain a medical license. Subsequently, further specialisation in dermatology typically takes an additional 2-4 years, depending on the university or educational institution. 

What skills will you acquire from studying Dermatology? 

Attention to Details is a crucial skill in dermatology, as dermatologists must closely observe and pay attention to minor changes that may occur in patients, including the ability to remember specific medications. 

Expertise in the medical profession is inherent in dermatology, as it is a specialized medical course. Students apply the knowledge gained from a medical education to their specialization in dermatology, typically requiring an additional 2-4 years of study. 

Technical skills and dexterity in using medical tools with precision are essential in dermatology, given the small and vital areas such as skin, hair, and nails that may require treatment. Dermatology students need to practice using medical tools and medications, enhancing their flexibility and agility to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Career Opportunities in Dermatology 

  • Dermatologist 
  • Mohs Surgeon 
  • Dermatological Oncologist 
  • Cosmetic Dermatologist 
  • Pediatric Dermatology 
  • Cardiff University – MSc Clinical Dermatology 
  • King’s College London – MSc Clinical Dermatology 
  • University of Hertfordshire – MSc Clinical Dermatology 

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