Trinity College, University of Melbourne

Trinity College is a preparatory college that prepares international students for entry into a Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Melbourne, which is ranked as the top university in Australia. It has been a part of the University of Melbourne for over 30 years and is situated on the Parkville campus, the main campus of the university. The programme is specifically designed for students who aspire to enter the University of Melbourne or other prestigious Australian universities directly. 

The college has small class sizes, which allow instructors to give individual attention and advise to each student. The classes are taught by experienced professors, many of whom also teach at the University of Melbourne. As the result, the teaching method at Trinity College is different from the traditional school and students will benefit from university-style lectures that promote self-study skills, preparing them for university. 

Trinity College offers a library, student support centre, healthcare centre, and personal guidance service, as well as student clubs and activities such as sports, music, and arts. In addition, students can also access the facilities and student clubs at the University of Melbourne campus. 

Why Study at Trinity College, the University of Melbourne? 

  • Trinity College is a foundation college for international students who wish to study at the University of Melbourne. 
  • If the students meet the requirements set by the University of Melbourne, they are guaranteed acceptance into the university.  
  • Over 90% of Foundation Studies students at Trinity College are admitted to the University of Melbourne and other esteemed Group of Eight universities. 
  • Students attending Trinity College have access to the facilities and student clubs at the University of Melbourne.  

Foundation Studies 

Trinity College offers a foundation prนgramme called ‘Trinity College Foundatioฆn Studies (TCFS)’, which is designed for international students who aspire to study a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Melbourne or other top universities. This TCFS programme is structured into five disciplines, including two core subjects, English and History of Ideas, and three optional classes that are chosen based on the student’s intended Bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of the TCFS programme, students are expected to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their first year at the University of Melbourne, including presentation skills, public speaking, teamwork, debating, analytical and critical thinking, creativity and more. 

Which universities that Foundation Studies students can enter after course completion? 

The above-mentioned universities are members of Australia’s elite Group of Eight. 

Additionally, students who complete the TCFS programme can also pursue further studies at the leading universities in other countries such as: 

  • University of Leicester (UK) 
  • University of Liverpool (UK) 
  • London College of Fashion (UK) 
  • University of Manchester (UK) 
  • University of Nottingham (UK) 
  • Boston University (US) 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) 
  • McGill University (Canada) 

Admission period 

February and August 

Trinity College’s Accommodation

Trinity College’s student accommodations are situated in a secure environment in the heart of Melbourne, with a variety of options to suit students’ lifestyles. These include student apartments that are conveniently located near the campus and can be easily reached on foot or by tram. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and private bathroom, and various room types are available, such as studios, 1-room apartments, and shared rooms with 2-6 beds. The room rental includes utility bills for water, electricity, gas, and internet, and a private room is fully furnished, enabling students to live comfortably and independently. 

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Located on the Parkville campus, the main campus of the University of Melbourne

A foundation college for international students who aspire to enter the University of Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, the best student city in Australia




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