Course: Master of Human Resources Management

Institution: RMIT University

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?

I did my bachelor degree at University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. And ​I chose to pursue my study in Australia because of the education system, and the wide range of programs that support my academic and career goals. The university I selected provides various opportunities for practical learning and collaboration with industry experts in my field of interest. It is an ideal place for me to enhance my skills, both academically and interpersonally.

Why did you chose this course?

​My interest in international education, entrepreneurship, people, and culture, has been shaped by my undergraduate studies in International Relations and my study-abroad experience during high school. Throughout my academic year, I have developed a great understanding of global issues, cultural diversity, and the role of cross-cultural communication.

I was fascinated by the connections between nations and human resources management’s role in promoting positive outcomes in international relationships. This has inspired me to explore the interaction of international education and human resources management. I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program during high school which allowed me to experience a new culture and meet new people. I believe that obtaining knowledge in Human Resources will help me address the unique challenges that international students have faced, understand individuals better, and I will able to contribute to developing inclusive educational practices.

Therefore, studying in this program will provide me with specialized knowledge in human resources, enhancing my understanding of performance management, employee development, and employment law. This will allow me to understand individuals and companies better, and contribute to positive global relationships and educational environments.

Studying Human Resource Management can significantly benefit my future career by enhancing my cross-cultural experience, effective communication skills, and global talent management abilities. With an International Relations background, enrolling in this program will provide the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of international employment regulations and apply strategic planning for organizational development. The knowledge gained in HRM will uniquely position me to address global workplace challenges, promote diverse and inclusive environments, and contribute to the success of organizations on an international scale.

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?

RMIT University‘s international recognition for excellence in education, especially in the field of human resources management, gives me a competitive edge in the job market, both locally and globally. RMIT University’s worldwide reputation and diverse atmosphere are perfect for me to expand my connections and gain exposure to various perspectives. I look forward to participating in a student society, attending industry events, and interacting with professors and professionals who share similar interests in international education and human resources management. These experiences will enhance my academic journey and prepare me for future challenges and opportunities. Secondly, studying at RMIT will provide me with a diverse and multicultural learning environment, allowing me to interact with students from various cultural backgrounds and gain a global perspective on HR practices. This exposure will enhance my cross-cultural communication skills and prepare me for multicultural work environments.

There are several things I enjoy doing at the university, including spending time with friends, doing a group project, and exploring restaurant and cafes around the university.

How do you know about us? And how our team help you to study in Australia?

I can always ask P’Pui at One Education questions anytime.

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