Course: MSc in Data Science and Analytics

Institution: University of Leeds

Please tell us about yourself – what course and institute did you study before going to the UK? 

Electrical engineering at Kasetsart University.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

There are a number of Top-rank University, which offer almost 1-year Master’s course. UK also welcome the international students and ethnic diversity. The last reason is there are a lot of opportunities for work and tourism even in EU.

Why did you choose this institute and what is your memorable experience at the institute?

I have chosen University of Leeds because it provides my preferable course, which is Data Science, and the course have a lot of modules to choose from. Leeds is filled with kind locals, and the living cost is much lower than the big city like London and Edinburgh.

Why did you chose this course?

I study in MSc in Data Science and Analytics because I prefer to change my working role from electrical engineer to the role that relates to programming and analytics. Furthermore, Data Scientist has been quite popular and marketable profession in recent years.

How will your degree help your future career after graduation?

My previous background may not relate to data science so this degree can expand significantly opportunity for finding job in the future.

What did you like the most about our service and your counsellor?

P’Ploy at One Education

There are tons of assistances from the counsellor namely:

  1. Find and recommend a course and university being appropriate to my needs
  2. Make a plan beforehand and prepare the essential documents within enrolment time, as well as student’s VISA and another information
  3. Reduce time to apply for the preferable course and be able to avoid the mistaken filling out information throughout enrolment
  4. Suggest the next things to do even if I receive an offer or not
  5. Assist to find a great accommodation in reasonable price and advise some stuffs that should be prepared in order to live in UK for a year or more
  6. Plan the timetable for several reason such as applying for job in UK, opening bank account, enrolling BRP and student card

If you have still hesitated to contact the counsellor, change it and try to make the first move because you will waste your time to be received the useful information from kind and professional counsellors. 🙂

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