Course: Master of Data Science

Institution: Monash University

What are the reasons you decide to go study in Australia rather than in Thailand?

I graduated from Joint International Psychology Program (JIPP), Chulalongkorn University in conjunction with University of Queensland. And I selected Australia as my study destination due to its esteemed education system, cultural diversity, and welcoming atmosphere. My prior experience during a bachelor’s dual degree program has affirmed the conducive academic environment and motivated me to pursue further studies in this reputable educational landscape.

Why did you chose this course?

My decision to pursue a Master of Data Science subsequent to my psychology degree stems from a recognition of the escalating significance of data-driven insights across diverse sectors. This deliberate transition enables me to fuse my analytical aptitude cultivated in psychology with the requisite technical proficiency inherent in data science, thereby augmenting my professional adaptability and aligning with contemporary industry imperatives.

Pursuing a Master of Data Science subsequent to my psychology bachelor’s degree facilitates the acquisition of vital skills in navigating the dynamic realm of data analytics. This interdisciplinary pursuit empowers me to extract meaningful insights from intricate datasets, augmenting my decision-making proficiency and contributing to evidence-based practices within the field of psychology. The expertise garnered in data science not only broadens my professional horizons but also positions me at the vanguard of employing data-driven methodologies to address substantial challenges in psychology.

What are the university’s strength points that made you chose to study here?

My decision to enroll at Monash University was influenced by its impressive global ranking and widespread international recognition, affirming its commitment to delivering a high-quality education with a global reputation.

How do you know about us? And how our team help you to study in Australia?

I’ve gotta give a big shoutout to One Education and P’Joy for being absolute rockstars in helping me apply for the Master of Data Science at Monash University. Their friendly guidance and quick responses made the whole application process a breeze. Feeling super confident about this academic adventure with their awesome support!

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