Marketing Course List for UK January Intake 2024  

UK is globally renowned for its exceptional reputation in the field of marketing education. Serving as the hub of business and marketing worldwide, the country offers fertile ground for aspiring marketers to cultivate their skills. With its emphasis on high educational standards and profound marketing expertise, the UK provides an ideal environment for students to excel in both theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. 

By enrolling in a marketing program in the UK, students will embark on a comprehensive learning journey that covers a diverse range of topics. From the fundamental principles of marketing and market analysis to strategic marketing planning, advertising and marketing communications, online marketing, and brand management, students will gain a holistic understanding of the multifaceted marketing landscape. 

Why choose studying Marketing in the UK?

  • The UK is a marketing center connected to markets around the world, making it a country with a thriving marketing industry. It is home to world-class advertising agencies such as AMV, BBDO, WPP, Ogilvy & Mather, and Saatchi & Saatchi, among others. Studying Marketing in the UK enables students to examine practical examples in intricate business scenarios, covering strategic marketing of goods and services, as well as brand building. 
  • The UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities renowned for their marketing programs, offering students access to state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, the academic environment fosters motivation among students, empowering them to cultivate the essential skills required for their future careers.  
  • Studying Marketing in the UK, you will not only study marketing but you can also choose to take additional courses that will help further and develop your expertise in the field of marketing, such as data analytics, public relations, social media marketing, and branding and communications. 

List of UK universities offering Marketing programmes for January Intake 2024  

Bournemouth University 

  • MA Marketing Communications 
  • MSc Marketing Management 
  • MSc Marketing Management & User Experience 
  • MSc Marketing Management (Digital) 
  • MSc Tourism Marketing Management 

Brunel University London 

  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing 

Coventry University 

  • MSc Digital Marketing Management (Coventry Campus) 
  • MSc Digital Marketing with Data Analytics (London Campus) 
  • MSc International Marketing (London Campus) 
  • MSc International Marketing Management (Coventry Campus) 

De Montfort University 

  • MA Fashion Management with Marketing 
  • MSc Advertising and Public Relations 
  • MSc International Business and Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing Management 
  • MSc Strategic and Digital Marketing 

Keele University

  • MSc Marketing 

Kingston University London 

  • MSc Marketing and Brand Management 

Leed Beckett University 

  • MSc Marketing and Digital Strategy 
  • MA Public Relations and Strategic Communication 

London Metropolitan University 

  • MA Digital Media 
  • MA Fashion Marketing and Management 
  • MA Marketing 

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London South Bank University 

  • MSc International Business Management with Marketing 
  • MSc International Marketing (มี Internship) 
  • MSc Marketing 

Loughborough University 

  • MSc Digital Entrepreneurship 
  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MA Media and Creative Industries 
  • MSc Sport Marketing 

Manchester Metropolitan University 

  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc International Marketing Management 
  • MSc Market Research and Analytics 

Northambria University 

  • MSc Business with Marketing Management  
  • MSc Business with Marketing Management with Advanced Practice 
  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc Digital Marketing with Advanced Practice 
  • MSc Marketing  
  • MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice 

Nottingham Trent University 

  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing and Brand Management 

Oxford Brookes University 

  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc International Luxury Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing  
  • MSc Marketing and Brand Management  
  • MSc Marketing Communications Management 

Queen Mary University of London 

  • MSc Marketing 

Regent’s University London 

  • MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics 
  • MA Management and Marketing 

Royal Holloway, University of London 

  • MSc Digital Marketing 

Sheffield Hallam University 

  • MA Digital Media Management 
  • MA Global Communication and Media 
  • MSc International Marketing 

Swansea University 

  • MA Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations 
  • MSc Management (Marketing) 

Teesside University 

  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MA Digital Media and Communications 

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University of Brighton 

  • MSc Marketing (Branding and Communications)  
  • MSc Marketing (Digital Marketing)  
  • MSc Marketing (International Marketing)  
  • MSc Marketing (Social Marketing) 

University of Chester  

  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing Management 

University of Greenwich 

  • MA Strategic Marketing 

University of Hertfordshire 

  • MA Journalism & Media Communications 
  • MSc Management with Digital Marketing 

University of Huddersfield 

  • MA Fashion Marketing 
  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc Digital Marketing (Professional Practice) 
  • MSc International Business with Marketing  
  • MSc International Business with Marketing (Professional Practice) 
  • MSc Management with Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing (Professional Practice) 
  • MSc Marketing with Brand Management 
  • MSc Marketing with Brand Management (Professional Practice) 

University of Northampton 

  • MSc International Marketing Strategy (Non-placement) 

University of Portsmouth 

  • MA International Marketing 

University of Surrey 

  • MSc Digital Marketing and Channel Management 
  • MSc International Marketing 
  • MSc Strategic Marketing 

University of Westminster 

  • MSc Digital Marketing Management 
  • MSc/MA Marketing Communications 
  • MSc/MA Marketing Management 

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