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Cosmetic Science may sound like something primarily for women, but this course is arguably as important in everyday life as Food Science. This is because cosmetics encompass a wide range of skincare products, including perfumes, body care products, hair care, facial care, or skincare, which are regularly use by both r women and men. Behind these products are cosmetic scientists. 

What will you study in Cosmetic Science? 

Cosmetic Science graduates can pursue careers as Cosmetic Scientists, Cosmetic Chemists, and Cosmetic Engineers sue to the course’s emphasis on research and experimentation with raw materials to create high-quality and safe products for users. Throughout the programme, students learn about selecting appropriate raw materials, mastering manufacturing processes, conducting quality testing, and assessing product efficiency. They also engage in research and development to innovate new products, including enhanceing formulas for increased efficacy. Additionally, they will study the utillisation of tools and technologies relevant to product manufacturing and testing. 

What skills will you acquire from studying Cosmetic Science 

Research skills are honed from studying current consumer trends, market research, analysis of market demand, and even research aimed to develop suitable raw materials and products for different types of users. 

Mathematical, chemical, and technological skills are essential, as scientists need to formulate, calculate, and statistically analyse product experiments, as well as use laboratory equipment and production tools. 

Creativity skills as crucial. Even though this is a scientific course, successful cosmetic scientists should possess imagination and creativity, particularly in tasks such as ending colors, fragrances or even designing packaging. 

Career Opportunities in Cosmetic Science 

  • Cosmetic Chemist 
  • Cosmetic Engineer / Process Engineer 
  • Cosmetic Quality Assurance 
  • Cosmetic Product Development 
  • Packaging Development 
  • Pharmaceutical Scientist 
  • Sales Representative 
  • Business Owner 
  • Research and Development Scientist 

Recommended UK Universities for Cosmetic Science 

  • Birmingham City University 
    • MA Cosmetics Branding and Promotion 
  • Liverpool John Moores University 
    • MSc Cosmetics Science 
  • University of Sunderland 
    • MSc Cosmetics Science 

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