Leeds, situated in the northeastern region of England, stands as one of the most important and renowned cities in the country. With a population exceeding 800,000, Leeds is celebrated for its multiculturalism and is home to some of England’s top universities, earning its reputation as ‘The center of British culture and education.‘  

The city boasts a well-established transportation system, ensuring comfortable travel, and is adorned with numerous attractions, making it an ideal destination for students and tourists seeking to explore and experience new facets of life. 

Weather in Leeds 

Spring (March – May): 5°C – 7°C  

Summer (June – August): 9°C – 15°C 

Autumn (September – November): 18°C – 20°C  

Winter (December – February): 9°C – 17°C  

Why study in Leeds 

  • Home to world-class universities such as University of Leeds (Russell Group) and Leeds Beckett University 
  • Leeds is not a very large city. It is one of the top cities that Thai students choose to study. 
  • Leeds offers a convenient transportation network encompassing buses, electric trains, and regular trains, providing residents with easy and swift access to various destinations. Additionally, a dedicated bus system caters to students attending different universities, enhancing the ease and convenience of commuting to and from their educational institutions. 

Universities in Leeds 

English Language Schools in Leeds 

  • English Path 
  • Leeds English Language Schools 

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Attractions in Leeds

Kirkstall Abbey

This medieval monastery, located along the River Aire, showcases stunning architecture and captivating ruins, earning it acclaim and designation as a registered historic site.

Leeds Art Gallery

Established in 1888, this art gallery is a treasure trove of 20th-century art and stands as one of the finest galleries outside of London. It showcases an exquisite collection featuring masterpieces by renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Anthony van Dyck, and Salvador Dali.

Leeds City Museum

A museum where you can study the history of Leeds arts and culture The museum is located in the city center and is free to visitors.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

The indoor market in the heart of Leeds, renowned as one of the largest indoor markets in Europe, is a bustling hub with over 600 shops and stalls.

Roundhay Park

Leeds features a vast, beautiful, and modern garden park, offering over 700 acres of open land for relaxation and exercise. Beyond its greenery and beauty, the park boasts historic landmarks, including the Mansion and Tropical World

Royal Armouries Museum

Located on the banks of the River Aire, this museum is a comprehensive study center for wars and weapons spanning all eras, up to the present day. The Royal Armouries Museum is renowned for possessing the world's most extensive collection of weapons.

Temple Newsam

It is a grand Tudor-Jacobean-style house with ancient and beautiful architecture, steeped in historical stories. Additionally, it houses one of the largest collections of fine and decorative arts in England.

Tropical World

Home to one of the UK's largest collections of tropical and exotic species, this diverse exhibit includes cashmere monkeys, crocodiles, butterflies, hedgehogs, and scorpions.


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