Macquarie University

Macquarie University is located in the bustling business district of Sydney. The university has a diverse community of 44,000 students from 140 countries and 3,000 faculty and staff members. Macquarie University is ranked among the top 1% of the world’s best universities by the QS World University Rankings 2020. Macquarie aims to provide exceptional learning experiences that enhance students’ lives through collaboration with industry and research to improve society. 

Macquarie University offers over 200 courses in various fields including Business, Science, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Media and Communications, Medicine and Health Sciences, and more. Students can choose to pursue a one-year postgraduate program or a dual-degree program, which provides a wide range of options to match their interests and provide future employment opportunities. According to the QS World University Rankings by Subjects 2020, Macquarie has up to 7 courses listed in the top 100 worldwide. 


Macquarie University is in Sydney’s thriving business district and has approximately 300 businesses in the area, providing opportunities for academics and researchers to collaborate on high-quality research projects with leading companies. The university’s courses are designed to increase students’ employment prospects by allowing them to work with partner industries that are recognized by professional organizations. As a result of its practical and collaborative approach to education, Macquarie University was named the Australian university with the highest employability rate by the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020, thanks to practical and collaborative courses with business sectors. 

The university has invested more than a billion Australian dollars in building a world-class green campus that spans 126 hectares and includes digital innovative facilities and student support services. Additionally, it is the only university with a private hospital and metro station on campus. 

For student accommodations, the university offers a variety of options, including homestays and private dormitories both on and off campus, allowing students to participate in various activities and clubs while experiencing a vibrant student life.  

Macquarie also provides generous scholarships for international students, with up to 4 million Australian dollars available. 

Teaching Quality 

The academics, professors, and researchers at Macquarie University work tirelessly to provide the best possible education to their students. They have established partnerships with leading universities in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia, as well as leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Johnson & Johnson. This collaboration reflects the university’s international reputation for teaching innovation, cutting-edge research, and producing graduates who can excel in the global job market. 

The university also has a learning innovation hub, a specialised learning centre where industry experts are invited to give lectures and share their knowledge and experiences with students. This centre enhances efficient teaching and learning, supports teaching development and management, and ensure teaching quality, while providing students with opportunities to further their professional education. 


Macquarie University is one of the universities in Australia that invests heavily in its facilities and services, ranging from academics to healthcare and entertainment, to provide the best possible student experience. 


The first library in Australia with an automatic collection and searching system, as well as a large floor for exhibition and study space that can accommodate more than 3,000 students at once. The library has approximately 1.8 million special editions, professional materials, and research resources. 

Macquarie Hospital 

The on-campus hospital at Macquarie University is Australia’s first non-profit hospital and provides students with hands-on experience and opportunities to collaborate with researchers and partnered industries to improve the quality of life and healthcare for patients and society. 

Finance Decision Lab 

Finance Decision Lab is a real-time learning and research centre for finance and business analysis. 

Futures Lab 

The media centre gathers cutting-edge digital media production, online media, and broadcasting resources. 

Macquarie University Incubator 

An award-winning learning centre for university students, faculty members, and researchers who want to start their own businesses and develop new innovations, as well as foster an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Train Station 

Macquarie University is the only university in Australia with its own metro station, which provides convenient and secure public transportation to Sydney’s city centre and nearby areas. 

Sports, Fitness and Clubs 

Macquarie University’s sports and water activity clubs, as well as Australia’s top-notch facilities, such as a 25-metre indoor pool, a 50-metre heated outdoor pool, tennis courts, squash courts, basketball courts, and a gym, are all available. Dance, diving, kayaking, water polo, skiing, cricket, and rugby are among the activities offered by the university’s sports club, which caters to a range of level, from beginner to professionals. 

Student Accommodations 

The university has 7 student accommodations on and off campus, and students can choose the type of accommodation that suits their lifestyle. 

Graduated Employment 

Macquarie University collaborates with students to help ensure that their education leads to the most fulfilling career path and to help achieve their goals and make a positive impact. The university also supports students in gaining real-world experience through internship programs. The university’s commitment to guiding students to success is reflected in its graduates’ employment rate after graduation, which ranks in the Top 10 in Australia (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020) 

Internship Program 

The university has an outstanding, award-winning Professional and Community Engagement Program (PACE), in which students can work as interns in international companies to gain practical experience solving real-world business problems, gain valuable work experience, and develop unique skills that set them apart from other university students. 

Working on Campus 

Working within the university is an excellent opportunity for students to study and work part-time. They can work in various departments, such as student services, academic services, and professional services. 

Global Leadership Program (GLP) 

Macquarie University offers an award-winning part-time course that allows students to pursue a dual degree. In this course, students will have the opportunity to engage in collaborative activities, build a social network, and develop essential skills, including multicultural diversity, leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship. 

Career and Employment Service 

The Career and Employment Service is a free service that helps students become job-ready by assisting them in preparing resumes, planning a career path, and developing important job-search skills. Additionally, the university has established connections with a large number of companies that are actively seeking to recruit Macquarie students. 

Graduate Employment Programs 

Many Australian companies have launched graduate and internship programs that provide students with opportunities to acquire new skills in company departments. Students can typically apply for these programs during university holidays, summer vacations, or after graduation. 

Graduate Success 

Macquarie University is the primary producer of over 190,000 high-quality graduates. These graduates are highly sought after by leading global companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, eBay, Facebook, Nike, Google, Phillips, and Unilever. 

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