Perth is a beautiful place to live and voted to be the14th “most livable city in the world” in 2019 by The Economist magazine. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why it attracts a lot of people. The beautiful city full of culture and economic opportunities are just some of Perth’s advantages.

One of Perth’s advantages is the great weather that you can enjoy all year round with over 3,000 hours of sunshine. Although it can be quite warm combined with the cool sea breeze of the sea, this makes the weather very calm and comfortable. In winter, the temperature is not very cold too, dropping to around 13 degrees Celsius.

White sandy beaches, beautiful parks and gardens make Perth a unique place to live. There are also many activities to do such as surfing, snorkelling, join festivals and outdoor theaters. Students here can enjoy the beauty of the environment and at the same time they feel very safe as Perth is ranked as the 21st safest city in the world.

Perth is a multicultural city. There are more than 200 different nationalities, languages and religions which makes everyone here feel welcome and respected. In addition, the education in Perth is internationally recognized for its excellent quality with five world-class universities.

Attractions in Perth

Kings Park & Botanic Garden

The largest city park in the world, which is about 20% larger than Central Park in New York. Kings Park is like an oasis in the heart of the city. There is a beautiful view over the Perth Water, the city’s business center, including views of the Swan River and Darling Range mountains.

Swan Valley

The watershed of the Swan River between Guildford and Bells Rapids in Western Australia. It is the oldest wine region located just 25 minutes from Perth city centre. You can enjoy the view along the 7 walking trails or take a boat trip from Perth along the Swan River to the Swan Valley. After that you can also walk around Guildford’s shopping areas and shop for local fresh, seasonal fruits at street stalls.

Fremantle Prison

A World Heritage Site in Perth. This place was the destination for prisoners sent from England in 1855, and later on became a state prison. Now it is a tourist attraction providing a tour of prisons with a long history and studying criminal history for more than 140 years. There is also group tours to explore a maze created by prisoners and the underwater walkway that is accessible only by boat.

The Bell Tower

This tower is also known as the Swan Bell Tower. The name comes from the Swan River, which can be seen from the tower. And there are 18 large bells in this tower considered to be the second largest set of bells and perhaps the most famous bell set in the world It is located at Riverside Drive, a popular tourist attraction in Perth. With its interesting history and unique design, the tower is a symbol of Perth and Western Australia.

The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

An aquarium that combines a variety of remarkable marine life. It is one of the symbols of Western Australia. AQWA used to be the country’s largest aquarium which opened in 1988. The tunnels are over 98 meters long for visitors to get a close-up view of sharks, stingrays and turtles.

Rottnest Island

A small island with only 100 citizens but can be increased to over 15,000 tourists during the holidays. This place has a beautiful beach which makespeople feel like they are on a paradise island. There are bike paths which are surrounded by various trees and shrubs, including historic buildings and the Quokka, the happiest little animal in the world. There are many activities to do on this island such as climbing, surfing, boating, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and SUP. Rottnest Island is the best place to experience it!


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